Museums and collections
Bogdo Ula – Approach to Urga
Bogdo Ula – Entrance to Urga
Bridge of Glory
Burning of Darkness
Castle of Ladakh
Chandra Bhaga. Path to Triloknath
Chenrezi. 1932
Command of Rigden Djapo. 1927
The Command
The Dead City. 1918
Dorje the Daring One
Drops of Life
Elias the Prophet
Fire Blossom
From Beyond
Glory to the Hero
The Great Spirit of the Himalayas
The Greatest and Holiest Thang La
Guardian of the Chalice. Mongolia
Gundla. Monastery of the Thakur
Guru Guri Dhar. 1928-1930
He Who Hastens
The Hidden Treasure. 1917
Issa and the Skull of the Giant
Kanchenjunga. 1924
Kardang. Lahul
Krishna. Spring in Kulu
Lahul. 1932
Lake of the Nagas
The Last Angel. 1912
Lord of the Night
The Lotus
Madonna Laboris
Madonna Oriflamma
Milarepa, the One Who Hearkened
Mohammed on Mt. Hira. 1932
Monastery. Tsang, Tibet
Mother of the World
Mount Shatrovaya (Tent Mountain)
Mount “M”. 1931
Mountain of Five Treasures
Padma Sambhava
Palden Lhamo
Path to Kailas. 1932
Path to Kailas. 1933
Path to Kailas. Monastery
Path to Tibet
Pearl of Searching
Remember!. 1924
Rocks of Ladakh. 1933
Saint Francis
Saint Panteleimon the Healer. 1931
Saint Sophia the Almighty Wisdom
Shambale Daik (Message of Shambala). 1931
Shekar Dzong. 1933
Snowy Ascent
Snowy Guardians
Song of the Morning
Song of the Waterfall. 1920
St. Sergius Chapel. 1933
Star of the Hero. 1933
Star of the Morning
Stronghold of the Spirit
Suget Pass
Three Glaives. Study. 1932
Three Glaives
Tibet. 1933
Tibet. Dzong
Tibet. Gelukpa Monastery
Tibetan Path
Tidings of the Eagle
Timur Khada
Treasure of the Mountains
Treasure of the World – Chintamani
Tsaidam. Mongolia
Wanderer from the Resplendent City
Waves of Mist
White and Heavenly
White Stone – Chintamani Sign
Young Moon
The Feat
Helena Roerich
Helena Roerich. 1937
Huts of Our Village
Katherine Campbell
Katherine Campbell. 1926-1927
Lama. 1923
Lama. 1925
Man from Bhutan
Nicholas Roerich with Guga Chohan
Nicholas Roerich. 1933
Nicholas Roerich. 1936
Rajput Juggler
Sacred Box
Sketch of a Costume
Sketch of a Costume
Sketch of a Costume
Sketch of a Costume
Sketch of a Costume
Tibetan Woman
Whither Goest Thou, My Brother?. 1938
Captive Maid
Dancers in Bearskins
Hut in the Mountains
In the Castle
Konchak and Maidens
Ledenets. Shore
Maiden with a Rose
Maidens with Garlands of Flowers
Old Pskov
Polovtsian Camp
Polvtsian Warrior with a Sabre
Polvtsian Warriors with a Bow
Scenery sketch
Scenery sketch
Set design
Set design
Snegurochka and Lel
Warriors with a Bow
Weaver and Cook
Yaroslavna's Tower-Room