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International Council of the Roerich Organizations by name S.N.Roerich and the Estonian Roerich Society organize the IX International Forum “Future of mankind – blossom of Culture”. Forum will take place from 28.07 till 31.07.2011 in Estonian Republic, Tallinn, within the bounds of the program “In what way can we safeguard the living substance of Culture?”

It is devoted to the centenary of Pavel Fedorovich Belikov, the citizen of Estonia, of Finish and Russian roots. He was the outstanding researcher of the creative heritage of the great persons in the world of culture – the Roerich family.

There will be held a public-scientific conference, pedagogical sitting-room, program “Magnets of Culture on Estonian soil” within the bounds of the Forum.

All the territory of small Estonia is the unique museum in the open air. Different times are living in its landscape: geological, mythological and historical. Some spaces of Estonia manifest themselves as eternity and infiniteness: sea distance, huge boulders, drops of birch rocks, river canyons with waterfalls; other ones, such as broken ground, edges of the forest, are full of lyrical-poetic source. All of this had an influence on the people character, his independent self-sufficient temper with delicate approach to beauty and harmony.

Estonia – is the unique geo-cultural space with original national color of folk and professional creativeness. It made Estonian culture important and necessary component of the general human culture.

Centuries-old history of Estonia keeps the traces of peaceful and military contacts. But the future of mankind will be free spiritual unity of people via culture. Such attitude was suggested by N.K. Roerich – the mutual respect and the drawing closer to each other via culture. The Blossom of culture will create and keep Future of the Planet. That is why there are becoming more and more followers of Roerich ideas.

In 2011 the capital of Estonia, Tallinn is declared the cultural capital of the European Union. Coincidence of such event with the centenary of P.F. Belikov is symbolical. The contribution of P.F.Belikov into the history of Estonia is invaluable. He was the champion of the Roerich world-wide cultural-creative activities here. His works have got wide international recognition including Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland. One of the Altaian summits bears the name “Peak of Belikov”.

The following undertakings are planned within the bounds of the Forum:


28 July – The day of arrival.

  • Magnets of Culture on Estonian soil: Excursions “Tallinn – the capital of Estonia”.

29 July – The birthday of P.F. Belikov.

  • Forum’s grand opening.
  • Public-scientific conference: “100 years since P.F.Belikov’s birthday”.
  • Magnets of Culture on Estonian soil: Trip to Koze-Uuemyiza settlement – the place of life and creative work of P.F. Belikov.
  • Round table: “Thinking of P.F. Belikov”.

30 July

  • Magnets of Culture on Estonian soil: „Tartu town”. Visit to Tartu (Derpt) University, which was founded in 1632, and to The Museum of Estonian People.

  • Public meeting at the Vanemuine’s National Society (Vanemuise selts).

31 July

  • Tallinn, Making a tour of the Kadriorg’s park and palace.
  • Pedagogical sitting-room: Talk about new philosophy of upbringing and education.
  • The final Forum’s meeting.

Time-limit of speeches is 15 minutes.

Those who want to take part in the Forum, we ask to register and inform us about the theme of ones address, till March 1, 2011.

Expenses for trip, living, meals and excursions will be on the account of the participant (placing at friends is possible).




Irina Bitkova +372 53 35 90 61
Tatjana Kupava +372 513 66 38
Juri Kirves +372 53 84 69 19


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