Pedagogical Lounge

The International Council of Roerich Organizations by S.Roerich holds annual Forums with a popular-scientific focus, so as to preserve the evolutional role of Culture in the life of mankind.

The forum theme is always the same: “Safeguarding the Living Fabric of Culture”. The first Forum took place in Penza in 2005 and then spread not only throughout Russia but also to other countries, towns and continents.

Forums provide a place to make discussions by means of conference, round table, pedagogical lounge. At present such forum took place on 28-31 July in Estonia. The reasons of such Forum were two exclusive events: the 100-th birthday of Pavel Belikov – the classic of Roerichology, the citizen of Estonia – and announcement of Tallinn as “Cultural capital of the European Union”. The organizers of this Forum were Estonian Roerich Society and Association of Humane-Personal Pedagogic. The Forum became the festival of Spiritual Culture and was called “Mankind Future – a Blossoming of Culture”.

On July 31 the speakers said about new philosophy of raising and education. Not long ago – on July 17, 2011, in Georgia – there was an outstanding event – was signed the Manifest of Humane Pedagogic by the international public. That is why our Pedagogical lounge was literally breathing by the ideas of Manifest. It was factually its presentation.

Four Knights of Human Pedagogic participated: Victoria Bak, “the Best teacher of the Ukraine”, the author of “Biology by language of the Heart”; Valentina Donskaja, “Respected teacher of Russian Federation”, the director of secondary school; Irena Stulpinene, the teacher of physics and President of Lithuanian Association of Humane Pedagogic, the author of the book “Physics by language of Heart; and Kira Molchanova (Estonia).

The speakers said that Humane Pedagogic absorbed in itself the world experience of raising and education. However there are other unique features at this historical period by which Humane Pedagogic is being enriched. In the modern world Humane Pedagogic affirms the evolutionary principles of raising and education. There are unlimited horizons for self-improvement before the teacher, tutor, parents. If only there was the great desire to embody the high ideals of Love, Beauty and Knowledge in everyday life!


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