Appeal to the public of Russia and other countries of the world


Dear colleagues, friends, like-minded people
and everyone who is not indifferent to the destiny of the Culture of Russia and the world!

We appeal to you in connection with the events of March 7, 2017 in the center of Moscow. From 9.40 am on March 7 until 5.30 am on March 8, 2017, under the guise of investigative actions, the Public Museum named after Nicholas Roerich (Maly Znamensky per., 3/5) was looted. The force structures of the OMON, investigative authorities, as well as employees of the State Museum of Oriental Art and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, broke open the doors to the Public Museum, turned off cameras, isolated the employees and the Museum's management and, with the alarm turned off, seized paintings by N. K. Roerich and S. N. Roerich, other objects of art donated to the Museum in the period from 1990 to 2013. The very process of "seizure" was in violation of all legal norms: without the presence of the Museum staff, without the appropriate packaging for the transportation of paintings, the paintings were exported in a vehicle not intended for such purposes. The museum is plundered!
And this process was led by the adviser of the Ministry of Culture K. Rybak and deputy of Director of the State Museum of the East T. Mkrtychev. They indicated which pictures to take. Under the leadership of deputy of Director of the State Museum of Oriental Art T. Mkrtychev, works of art were packed and exported to the storehouse of this very museum!

Everything happened as if the Museum of N.K. Roerich is in criminal investigation. BUT the museum and its employees are not in any criminal investigation, are not related to any financial fraud, never refused to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and other audit organizations. Such cruel, rude actions could be avoided.

Blasphemous actions against the successfully functioning open Public Museum of N. K. Roerich (the main structural unit of the International Center of the Roerichs (ICR) is an extraordinary event in the cultural space not only of Russia but also of the international community, a flagrant injustice towards the Nicholas Roerich Museum and its employees!

And now the news of Russian TV channels is pouring lies and slander, conflicting information is being provided about the Roerich Public Museum. And who is throwing these lies and slander into space? - Without a doubt, the Minister of Culture V. Medinsky, the General Director of the State Museum of Oriental Art (GMV) A. Sedov, deputy of Director of the GMV T. Mkrtychev.

All the contracts for the donation of art objects and even their copies have been withdrawn from the Public Museum! According to the Law, the objects of art obtained through donation, belong to those who they were given to! And there is no need to disrupt pictures from the walls of the exhibition halls of the Museum, destroying the exposition, taking them to the repository of another museum (and not to the repository of the investigative authorities, if the investigation is not over yet), covering up their actions with criminal cases to which the Public Museum has nothing to do. They also raise doubts about the authenticity of the paintings donated to the ICR, which for many years were open to all visitors of the exposition.

There are all fears that the "withdrawn" paintings can simply disappear into oblivion, as well as many things from the apartment of Yu. N. Roerich on Leninsky Prospekt. Who will then look for the missing values, these are valuable values - look at their valuation at world auctions-from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars!

Look at the pictures of the press conference at the International Center of the Roerichs, read publications on blogs and on Internet portals 

(EG: https://riafan .ru/654400-sotrudniki-muzeya-reriha-posle-oby ...,,, in the end, go to this Public Museum not far from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, see everything yourself - bare walls, torn cables of light, broken cords...

We are outraged by the devastation in Syria, Iran, and other "hot spots" on the planet where priceless cultural monuments are destroyed, museums are ruined, our common past, history of civilizations is destroyed, without which we can not build the future. However, in the very center of the capital of Russia, in Moscow, was committed the "quiet" pogrom of the public museum named after N.K. Roerich, an artist and public figure of world level! N.K. Roerich always advocated the preservation of culture, without which humanity is wild. It was he who brought to the world the first international treaty on the protection of cultural values of mankind (PACT RERIJA), signed in Washington on 15. 04. 1935 and it was the Museum of this great peacemaker that was subjected to humiliation, plunder, desecration! N.K. Roerich called for building the World through Culture, but what happens in his homeland!?

We appeal to everyone who cares about the future of Russia, Culture, fight your fear, indifference, spread information about the destruction of the public museum named after N.K. Roerich and ICR among your friends, colleagues. Write to the authorities, deputies, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, etc. There is a purposeful destruction of the Public Museum. N. Roerich founded by Svyatoslav Roerich on the basis of the heritage of his parents transferred to him by the Museum (on the condition of preserving the status of a public organization).
Destruction of this unique Public Museum with more than 25-year history, a monument of architecture of the 17th-19th centuries, reconstructed from ruins without participation of the state, (the Lopukhins' estate). is nothing but the destruction of the country!

In support of what has been said, let us recall the words of L.V. Shaposhnikova - the creator of the Museum and its first general director from her article "Destroying the museum is the destruction of the country"

- Museum named after N.K. Roerich in Moscow is widely regarded as one of the usual museums dedicated to the creativity of this or that artist. But Roerich is not only an artist. He has a mission on our planet. This moment is not yet realized, but it is the main one in the activities and creativity of the Roerichs: Nikolay Konstantinovich, Elena Ivanovna, and their two sons - Yuri Nikolaevich, the Oriental scholar, and Svyatoslav Nikolaevich, the artist and thinker. These four people who worked for our future, were closely related to the Cosmos, cosmic evolution. This is a complex system of knowledge, for the transfer of which a person was needed, capable of absorbing and interpreting them. Such people were Roerichs, this was their main mission. They transferred high evolutionary creativity to our planet and, in particular, to Russia. The process of this transfer takes place in different ways: through pictures, and through philosophy, and through literature, that is, through the entire creative heritage of the Roerichs. Struggling for a museum, we are fighting for our country.
Working with the Roerich heritage in our country is both a great gift and the necessary conditions for Russia to exit the crisis. If the Roerichs' legacy is trampled, if the museum is destroyed, we can not support the connection with cosmic evolution.
There are already signs of destruction. We were sponsored by a philanthropist, and his bank was closed. But we continue to work, work for the country. Thanks to this, Russia must enter a new era. What does this era represent? In Space, there is an acute struggle between Light and darkness, it also captures our planet. The new epoch presupposes a new science, new art, new beauty and, in particular, a new consciousness that will raise our life to a higher level.

Galina Schneider,
On behalf of the public of
Germany, Belarus, Moldova, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, etc.
March 12, 2017


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