About Estonian Roerich Society


Estonian Roerich Society is a non-profit organization, which aim is to study and to introduce to public creative heritage of Nicholas Roerich and his family, helping the development of human creative abilities and the growth of education.

Estonian Roerich Society was for the first time founded on the 8th January 1938. In the Soviet period it was abolished and re-created just on the 2nd November, 1989.

In the 1920-30-s the name of Roerich was widely known to the Estonian educated class. In 1937 an initiative committee of the Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace was created, which included artists E. Taska, J. Greenberg, R. Nümann and A. Kaigorodov, sculptor A. Starkopf, historian J. Vasar, journalist A. Tamm. In October, 1937, the first Baltic Congress of Roerich Societies was held, in which delegates from Estonia also participated.

Special mention goes to the contribution to research of Roerich's creative heritage made by Estonian resident Pavel Belikov. P. Belikov was in correspondence with Nicholas Roerich, later tightly cooperated with sons of Nicholas Roerich, Yuri and Svetoslav. Form several research works of Pavel Belikov three are published up to now: two biographies of Nicholas Roerich and one bibliography of Nicholas Roerich writings.

Estonian Roerich Society periodically make in different parts of Estonia exhibitions of materials (reproductions of paintings, books, archive materials), which reflect the creative work of Nicholas Roerich, also it organizes regular lectures and slide-programs in Tallinn cultural centre «Kodulinn». Another direction of Society's activity is publications in press and programs on radio.

Estonian Roerich Society makes its contribution to clearing and widening the meaning of Culture concept. Culture is not just a way of spending of time. On a personal level Culture means human spiritual growth and creative work. The best national traits, customs, traditions, ideals, belief, philosophy, creative work and language form national Culture. On a social level Culture is a synthesis of ethics, religion, science and art, it is higher or in other words spiritual development.


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