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The most suitable place for installing the monument of the Roerich Family is at the top of the Trust’s territory, at the URUSVATI INSTITUTE place. In fact, the main part of the Roerichs’ work done at Naggar was executed at the Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute established by them in 1928.

There are two options for the monument’s placement:

1. Left platform from the Folk Art Museum building.

View of the left building of the Urusvati Institute (currently Folk Art Museum), after the person ascends from down to the upper platform for both Institute buildings.

On the left there is a platform for the monument
(should not be higher than 2,5 - 3 metres) 

Coming closer to the platform – in the middle there is a round pot with flowers (a man stands near) – the very place for the monument.

Distance from the building till slope: 5 m

Distance of the whole platform from the building till the slope is 12 m

Monument will be in the centre. It is planned to put around attractive benches, plant flowers etc. (proper landscaping required)

Distance from the centre of the flower bed till the building: 5 m

View of the platform for the monument at the background of the Folk Art Museum.

Total distance is 14 m.
From the centre of the flower bed to the slope: 6,60 m.

Overall view of the platform, on the right side one can see the flagpole for the Banner of Peace, visitors are coming from down.

Height of the Folk Art Museum (2 floors only, without the triangle roof) is 5,50 m approx.

2. Second option: lawn below the Urusvati Institute:

This place is a bit more cozy and secluded. If the first option allows monument to be more official, this lawn presupposes contemplative sculpture, rather intimate than official. The height though should be the same, not exceeding 2,5 – 3m. Around the lawn, from its three sides, old deodar trees stand – comfortable benches may be put around and the lawn together with the sculpture may form a cozy place for rest, contemplation and reading.

View of the lower platform if standing towards the Folk Art Museum.
A man stands at the very end of Urusvati platform,
steps lead down for approximately 3,5 m.

Horizontal distance of the lawn is 13 m.
Vertical distance of the lawn is 18 m.

View of the lawn from the lawn itself; Folk Art Museum is at the background.

The man stands approximately at the centre of the lawn.
At this place Roerichs kept beehives at their time.


1. Overall height should not exceed 3m.

2. Material chosen for the monument should be only natural (no installations of any kind) to fit into the sensitive scenery around (deodar groves, pines trees, flowers, chirping birds, etc)

3. Entries for the monument should be send to the Executive Director/Curator, IRMT not later than by the 1st October 2011 (entries reaching later will not be entertained)

4. Entries should contain clear 3D drawings of the monument proposed, set up at the chosen place out of two above mentioned platforms, and preferably with the artists’ vision of the overall platform (including the landscaping around)

5. Entries should have clearly mentioned all sizes of the proposed monument, and the material to be used.

6. Exhibition of all the entries received will be organized and inaugurated during the main annual function of the Trust dedicated to the birth anniversary of N. Roerich to be held from 8th till 10th October 2011. A group of leading Indian and international artists will form a jury to choose the best project.

7. The project selected by the international jury will be rewarded and the artist concerned will get the right and duty to execute his/her monument within the given timeframe (till mid June 2012)

8. Ready monument will be brought by the artist to the IRMT Naggar for the 20th Anniversary celebration to be held from 6th to 8th July 2012. Monument will be properly installed at the Trust before the function. During the celebrations the monument will be solemnly inaugurated by the VIP guests of the function.

9. Entries are to be send by registered speed post on the postal address:

Dr Alena Adamkova
Executive Director/Curator
International Roerich Memorial Trust
Naggar, Kullu Dist., 175 130
Himachal Pradesh, INDIA

Official website of the IRMT:

Contact numbers:
+91 019 02 24 82 90 (office/fax);
+91 98 16 04 78 73 Dr. A.Adamkova


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