Creative Thought

Articles by Svetoslav Roerich

Published to mark Centenery Celebration
International Centre of the Roerichs, 2004


Svetoslav Roerich (1904—1993), Founder and Honorable President of the Museum by name of N.K.Roerich in Moscow, is known not only as a distinguished Artist, educator and public figure but also as a profound and original thinker, the author of a number of remarkable essays, and a brilliant lecturer.

Search for Beauty — in Art, in the World, in a Man — that was the golden thread of his life and creativity, as well as his faith in triumph of the spirit and creative thought were reflected in the articles constituted this book.

In order to present unique philosophical, artistic heritage of the Roerichs to our readers more comprehensively, the edition is supplemented with colour reproductions of the Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerichs' paintings illustrating the text, and the Svetoslav Roerich Chronology.


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